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Acard AEC6280 / ATP-865

I've seen many questions posted on public message boards and mailing 
list archives about Linux support for the Acard AEC6280 PCI card / 
ATP-865 Ultra ATA 133 controller chip, possibly marked:

Vendor: 0x1191 
Device ID: 0x0009

but I haven't seen support for it expressed anywhere, particularly 
not in response to those public questions. I ran a Debian current 
(3.0r1) boot cd on a Macintosh B/W G3 last night, and neither of the 
installation kernels finds the controller or the disk attached to it. 
If I could find something like an acard.o somewhere, I could probably 
put it on an ext2 partition on an ATA Flash disk, boot from the first 
Debian cd-rom and use insmod to have the controller and disk 
recognised, and then mount a couple of Linux partitions on the hdd to 
get the Debian installation going, but for now, there seems to be no 
support at all from the 2.4.x kernel in Debian 3.0r1.

Was this issue ever resolved?


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