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getting external monitors to work with 15" powerbook


I am trying to get external displays to work with a 15" 1GHz Powerbook.

So after googling for some time I found
http://people.ecsc.co.uk/~john/documents/powerpc/ which works when
connecting an analogous monitor with a pretty yellowish screen (cannot
be recognized by just starting X and seeing the black/white pattern)...

Certain options cause the machine to freeze but give correct color... so
I guess there is some conflict between the fb and Xfree driver.

However I was able to get X working when a DFP (external TFT at
1600x1200) was connected. Unfortunately the internal display was then
displaying weird stuff, and as I was afraid of destroying some hardware
I quickly shut down X.

So for me it looks like the fb driver can do certain parts to allow for
external displays aswell as the X driver... but they seem to collide for
certain settings.

I am on 2.4.20-benh10 / XFree86 4.3.

I wonder whether someone has it working ... ?

I guess it would be best to have XFree allowing for dynamically adding
screens... and to turn on a second display with some tool... mirroring
makes no sense in 99.99% of the cases as there is no monitor/DFP
correctly displaying 1280x854 ...

As this is the *only* thing not working perfectly on the 15" powerbook
series it is probably worth investing quite some time... so I am very
open for discussion.


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