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Re: ibook 2000 kernel config, install config

Mich Lanners wrote:

On  22 May, this message from Torben Brosten echoed through cyberspace:

Next line, am getting this error:

Kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 03:0b

VFS? What does that refer to?

That's the abstraction layer just above the different filesystems,
unifying for the layers still above that need to access files.

03:0b is the block device (in hex), i.e. block device major 3, minor
  0xb=11. That would be /dev/hda11. Is that your root partition?

Yes, I noticed that these corresponded to the root partition.

I've tried setting Module, compiled in kernel, and 'not set'
variations of:

That's not the problem here. Your root partition is probably EXT2, so
leave that compiled-in. Others are optional and not needed for the root

CONFIG_TMPFS (VFS = Virtual file system?)

Na. Has nothing to with this.


Leave this one compiled-in.

CONFIG_HFS_FS (for a MacOS 9.x partition)

This is dangerous. It may be OK for reading, but don't attempt writing
to it.

I'm trying to use Ext3 (CONFIG_EXT3_FS). Chose 'install24' from the
debian install program.

Your error message (if it's the only message) indicates something
fundamentally wrong, like specifying the wrong root partition in

Yaboot.conf works when using the default kernel. The only changes I make are to add the location of Macos:


and change the kernel image location:


## image=/vmlinux
##    label=Linux
##    read-only

Hmm... looks like I need to try re-enabling "read-only". I'm heading out the door now but will try later today.

Its the only error message --rather cryptic. Would reading certain log files be more useful?

I understand Ext3 is Ext2 + journalling. When formatting hda11, there was no choice for partition type Ext3 or Ext2. Are you saying that Ext3 and Ext2 are formatted differently (default format Ext2)?

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