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Re: ibook 2000 kernel config, install config

On  22 May, this message from Torben Brosten echoed through cyberspace:
> Next line, am getting this error:
> Kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 03:0b
> VFS? What does that refer to?

That's the abstraction layer just above the different filesystems,
unifying for the layers still above that need to access files.

03:0b is the block device (in hex), i.e. block device major 3, minor
  0xb=11. That would be /dev/hda11. Is that your root partition?

> I've tried setting Module, compiled in kernel, and 'not set'
> variations of:

That's not the problem here. Your root partition is probably EXT2, so
leave that compiled-in. Others are optional and not needed for the root

> CONFIG_TMPFS (VFS = Virtual file system?)

Na. Has nothing to with this.


Leave this one compiled-in.

> CONFIG_HFS_FS (for a MacOS 9.x partition)

This is dangerous. It may be OK for reading, but don't attempt writing
to it.

> I'm trying to use Ext3 (CONFIG_EXT3_FS). Chose 'install24' from the
> debian install program.

Your error message (if it's the only message) indicates something
fundamentally wrong, like specifying the wrong root partition in



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