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Re: ibook 2000 kernel config, install config

On Thu, 22 May 2003, Torben Brosten wrote:

> I understand Ext3 is Ext2 + journalling. When formatting hda11, there
> was no choice for partition type Ext3 or Ext2. Are you saying that
> Ext3 and Ext2 are formatted differently (default format Ext2)?

You are correct, i.e. ext3 = ext2 + journalling. To make the switch, all
you would have to do is to use tune2fs on the /dev entry corresponding
to your filesystem, and change the line in /etc/fstab to mount the FS as
ext3 instead of ext2.  One thing that I realized today is that an ext3
partition can be mounted as an ext2 by just changing that entry in your
/etc/fstab file.  However, the opposite is NOT true, i.e. one cannot
mount ext2 as ext3 without first explicitly creating the journal file on
that partition (via tune2fs).


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