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Re: Sleep & GLX problems on iBook

On Wed, 2003-05-14 at 02:29, Ian Wienand wrote:

> was i doing the right thing to get a backtrace -- point the kernel at
> System.map with the sysmap parameter and then press the 't' key when i
> get the crash?  is the little prompt that comes up an oops or is it
> more like a machine check?

You did the right thing, but when going out of sleep, it crashed before
the ADB driver was fully up again, so you couldn't type.

It's a known problem with the Alsa drivers in 2.4, though I haven't looked
at it nor tried to fix it yet, as I really don't have time for that now
(I don't use Alsa in 2.4, I find it too messy)


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