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Sleep & GLX problems on iBook


I have an iBook 2.2 with a radeon m6, running the rsync benh kernel
and the drm trunk xfree stuff.

The first problem is when i try to put it to sleep it crashes with : 

vector: 400 at pc = 7c0004ac, lr = c0006c60
msr = 40001032, sp = cd50fdc0 [ce50fd10]
current = cd500e000, pid = 276, comm = pbbuttonsd

i read somewhere that booting with sysmap=<path to system.map> should
give me symbols in that output, but it doesn't seem to.  it was also
said pressing 't' should get me a backtrace, that didn't work either.

manually corrleating the lr value to system.map i think it's pointing
into disable_irq_nosync.  can anyone suggest how else to debug this?

my other problem is when i enable DRI, any application that uses glx
makes the system go hayware.  E.g. i run glxgears and X appears to
lock up (no mouse cursor, etc), but I ssh in and can see the process
running at 100%.  I kill it, and Xfree86 takes over running at 100%
and can not be killed (despite repeated kill -9 attempts).  I comment
out the DRI module in X and it then works fine again.  I also thought
this might be an AGP problem, but it happens with the agp module
loaded or unloaded.

Anyone got some pointers on trying to debug these problems further?


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