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Re: ibook trackpad

Citeren "David M. Cooke" <cookedm@physics.mcmaster.ca>:

> On Sun, May 11, 2003 at 09:00:13AM +1200, David Friggens wrote:
> [clipped - talking about trackpad and sensitivity]
> > It worked fine when I lowered the sensitivity in KDE. I assume there's 
> > some X setting for outside of KDE but I haven't gotten around to 
> > looking in to it just yet. Hopefully someone else has done so and can 
> > save us the search ... :-)
> > 
> > David
> I assume KDE (and GNOME for that matter) do the exact same thing with
> respect to mouse settings as the 'xset' command does [1]. xset is
> standard with X.

With my PowerBook G4 12" I had the same problem, when you set the pointer 
acceleration from 2 back to 1, you will get the same speed as in OS X. I 
must admit that the trackpad is indeed a little bit more sensitive than in 
OS X, then again, it make you work less intensive ;-)


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