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Re: ibook trackpad

On Sun, May 11, 2003 at 09:00:13AM +1200, David Friggens wrote:
[clipped - talking about trackpad and sensitivity]
> It worked fine when I lowered the sensitivity in KDE. I assume there's 
> some X setting for outside of KDE but I haven't gotten around to 
> looking in to it just yet. Hopefully someone else has done so and can 
> save us the search ... :-)
> David

I assume KDE (and GNOME for that matter) do the exact same thing with
respect to mouse settings as the 'xset' command does [1]. xset is
standard with X.

[1] except for button mappings (like right/left-handed mouse). You'll
    have to use xmodmap for that.

$ xset q
shows you current settings (not just mouse; keyboard, font path, etc.).

$ xset
show usage. From it:
    To set mouse acceleration and threshold:
             m [acc_mult[/acc_div] [thr]]    m default

My current settings, for instance, would be set with
$ xset m 2/1 4

Fiddle with that until you're happy, and put it in your ~/.xsession

|David M. Cooke                      http://arbutus.physics.mcmaster.ca/dmc/

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