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Re: battery life

On  29 Apr, this message from Michael Schmitz echoed through cyberspace:
>> > I'll have to try that again now that battery life is degrading. Max
>> > charge of 1745 is OK for Lombard, right?
>> Looks good to me... My TiBook is down to 1574 :-(
> Repeat the 'deep' discharge a few more times and check again. Might be
> necessary to do a PMU reset even (I'm sure I had a PMU reset in the
> meantime)

> Well, deep (down to cutoff) discharge bumped max charge from 1745 to 1861
> :-) No PMU reset, just draining it with root remounted ro.

I repeated another deep discharge yesterday, and I'm up from 1574 to
1866 :-))

We'll see how long that game can go on before the batteris are
terminally dead ...

Another question regarding pmud: wouldn't it be a good idea to permit
pmud not shutting down the machine when it reaches 0% charge, but give
it a way to monitor the battery voltage, and run until close to battery
shutdown point?

At least for me (and I think for you too...) there's a huge difference
between the two... It would need some calibration, but the user can take
care of that. Like, an option '--end-voltage=<raw voltage reading>', and
let the user chose what to specify.



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