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Re: battery life

> >> Looks good to me... My TiBook is down to 1574 :-(
> >
> > Repeat the 'deep' discharge a few more times and check again. Might be
> > necessary to do a PMU reset even (I'm sure I had a PMU reset in the
> > meantime)
> > Well, deep (down to cutoff) discharge bumped max charge from 1745 to 1861
> > :-) No PMU reset, just draining it with root remounted ro.
> I repeated another deep discharge yesterday, and I'm up from 1574 to
> 1866 :-))

That seems to work to some degree.

> We'll see how long that game can go on before the batteris are
> terminally dead ...

Caution: last time I did that on the new battery pack, it reduced
max_charge somewhat.

> Another question regarding pmud: wouldn't it be a good idea to permit
> pmud not shutting down the machine when it reaches 0% charge, but give
> it a way to monitor the battery voltage, and run until close to battery
> shutdown point?

Not without some work (pmud doesn't  know about battery voltage
currently). There's some differences between kernel PMU code and pmud
anyway so I'll need to touch that code perhaps (did anyone ever notice
discrepancies between charge level reported by pmud and
/proc/pmu/battery_0 ??).

> At least for me (and I think for you too...) there's a huge difference
> between the two... It would need some calibration, but the user can take
> care of that. Like, an option '--end-voltage=<raw voltage reading>', and
> let the user chose what to specify.

We can try that, sure. Needs some reworking of the sleep logic, but might
help with old batteries.


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