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does debian-installer support iSeries?

I'm about to (within the next 2 weeks) attempt to install Linux on a
friend's development iSeries for testing.  I have a copy of the SuSE 7.1
distro reported to work but I'd much rather use Debian.  I'm a hard-core
Debian user and also in the NM queue working to become a developer.

Based on the research I've done, it seems I can use the SuSE boot disks
to jumpstart a debian-powerpc installation *by hand*.  I feel confident
I could take this route or even install SuSE and use debootstrap to get
a working system.

A Debian native installer would be ideal however.

Can anyone report whether iSeries is supported by the debian installer

If not, I'll consider porting it provided I can get proper access to the
host system.

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