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Re: next power up time, scheduled startup?, pmacpow does not work, nvram-wakeup?

Hello Oliver!

So how about doing it together to get pmacpow working with the current kernel?

But as I said I am not a programer, long time ago I wrote a little program (ANSI-C), I wrote little tools with AppleScript or Perl, but that´s it.

I looked into pmacpow.c and I can not find the exact line where the writing to the cuda-chip really happens. :-(

So maybe we should take the source-code and comment it and exchange our experiences. Maybe we get back to this list with a little tool that works.

Did you try to contact the original author?

Am Dienstag, 06.05.03, um 21:06 Uhr (Europe/Berlin) schrieb Oliver Ripka:

Most of the pmacpow code is ok, but the kernelheaders (cuda/asm)
may not be included correctly. Was not able to find the bug in a glimpse.

If you re interested in such a tool for macosx. I lately found a
progamm called iBreezz. This is shareware...

There is no DVB-support in MacOS X :-( .... but we can port it from linux to MacOS X ;-)


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