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Re: Debian install on beige G3 (Of 2.4)

Thanks for the tips,

I gave up my gung-ho attempt to install deb w/out using MacOS when i 
borrowed an OS9 cd from a friend and got the whole bootX thing going 
smoothly. Now my only snitch is getting X configged right as it crashes
after complaining about my mouse pointer. I tried using plain old xconfig but it 
doesn't its seems like it doesn't have enuf info for Mac hardware ...is there a 
way for me to manually set the pointer or run the debian script for xconfigging 

About the whole booting debian issue form the floppies I seem to recall a
reference on some NetBSD ppc help page that OF2.4 beiges cannot boot 
from floppies? i guess that's true.



 Simon E. Mushi		
 Farinon Box 8594		
 Lafayette College, Easton PA	
     (610) 330-4878

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