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Re: Promise IDE controllers

On Wed, Apr 23, 2003 at 09:36:35PM -0400, Nathanael Hasbrouck wrote:
> >I've tested the Ultra TX2/133 (PDC20269) on just about every PPC
> >imaginable 40x/44x/82xx/7xx/74xx.  It's rock solid and fast.
> >Performance relative to CMD64x chipsets is excellent.
> That's very good to hear!  Thanks guys for the quick response.  Ok, 
> about drivers, is there support already in the kernel source for 
> these cards (what chipset?), or is it a matter of compiling from 
> Promise's source from their website?

If you've selected Genereic PCI IDE support and Generic PCI DMA support
then two PDC202xx options appear which can enabled to support that family
of controllers.
Matt Porter
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