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Re: Using internal sound on a blue and white G3??

I read somewhere that the internal speaker in the B&W G3's won't work under
Linux, but you can get output from the soundcard.

That being said, here's a couple things to try:

1) Make sure your user account is a member of the 'audio' group
   ('addgroup <username> audio' as root).  Log out and back in
   for the group to take effect.
2) Make sure dmasound_pmac is listed in your /etc/modules file.
3) Create a file called /etc/modutils/sound with the following contents

alias char-major-14 soundcore
alias sound-slot-0 dmasound_pmac
alias char-major-14-3 dmasound_pmac
alias /dev/dsp dmasound_pmac
alias sound-service-0-0 i2c-keywest
alias char-major-14-0 i2c-keywest
alias /dev/mixer i2c-keywest

and invoke 'update-modules' as root.

I haven't tried this through alsa, but it works under OSS no problem.


Quoting Mothra <mothra@descentrecords.com>:

> Okay I give up. Ive installed Debian PPC 3.0r1 three times now, 
> installed and updated ALSA along the way as well.
> For some reason it will not recognize and setup my internal sound on my G3.
> I know during the configuration of Debian, I told it option 47-powermac.
> Ive done this everytime Ive reinstalled the system, but everytime it 
> boots, no driver is loaded.
> When I log in, I get a message that it cant open /dev/dsp because there 
> is no device there.
> If I run alsaconf, it wont detect anything at all.
> Im wondering if its because I installed it with apt and instead of 
> building it with the device driver, it just installs the software.
> I downloaded all the up to date ALSA sources last night and am going to 
> attempt to rebuild it from the ground up, but figured I would ask first 
> if theres a way to get it going.
> Its uninstalled at the moment, but I had the latest release available in 
> KPackage/apt from Debians FTP.
> Chris
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