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Using internal sound on a blue and white G3??

Okay I give up. Ive installed Debian PPC 3.0r1 three times now, installed and updated ALSA along the way as well.
For some reason it will not recognize and setup my internal sound on my G3.
I know during the configuration of Debian, I told it option 47-powermac.
Ive done this everytime Ive reinstalled the system, but everytime it boots, no driver is loaded. When I log in, I get a message that it cant open /dev/dsp because there is no device there.

If I run alsaconf, it wont detect anything at all.

Im wondering if its because I installed it with apt and instead of building it with the device driver, it just installs the software.

I downloaded all the up to date ALSA sources last night and am going to attempt to rebuild it from the ground up, but figured I would ask first if theres a way to get it going. Its uninstalled at the moment, but I had the latest release available in KPackage/apt from Debians FTP.


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