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Re: would this break my debian installation?

Hi all,

To the original poster: I have installed OS X on an otherwise Linux
TiBook. I had one big scratch partiton of 30 gig that I deleted and
split in two. That repartitioning needs to be done from within Linux
though; mac-fdisk will just not touch any partitions that stay the same.
So you can rather 'safely' repartition a running system.

I thus partitioned the 30 gig into 5 gig MacOS X and 25 gig scratch. For
me it was _not_ necesaary to create a HFS filesystem on the X partition;
I could make a filesystem from MacOS X' disk utility. Make sure you use
the right command though :-)

Also, I had to restart the installer to make it see the newly-created
filesystem on the X partition.

After MacOS X' installation finishes, you need to erase the PRAM
(cmd-opt-P-R on boot) to make yaboot again the bootloader. Otherwise,
you will always boot OS X. Then you can add an X entry to your
yaboot.conf and rerun ybin.

On   7 Apr, this message from Orion Buckminster Montoya echoed through
> Did you make and hfs filesystem on the target partition?  The
> installer won't take unfilesystemed free space (otherwise it would
> probably offer to install on your GNU/Linux partitions, as well);
> there has to be something there.  If you haven't done "hformat
> /dev/whatever", that will probably do the trick.  It's what I've done
> when I've successfully installed OS X after GNU,

As I said, this was not necesaary for me. I did, however, have to
restart the installer to make it see the filesystem I created in disk

Also, I did not need anything else specifically MacOS to make the disk
successfully noot OS X. Just the plain install on its own partition (no
swap partition required) was enough, plus the entry in yaboot.conf to
boot X.



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