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Re[2]: tibookIII + projector

> The ext. monitor works fine, but I get a huge and very distorted
> image in my LCD.

> XFree86.log contains this line:
> "(WW) RADEON(0): Option "Monitor" is not used."

my .log does contain this line too... i don't thing this has anything
to do with it.

for those who know more: this line is just below the message
"(**)Option "dpms""
"blabla DPMS enabled"

perhaps you have to insert the "fbdev"-option, which i had to
remove to get the external screen working... but perhaps this again is
not so good for the external one...
but... why exactly do you need both working?

> I wonder whether your config file should work with an
> ordinary CRT monitor just as with a projector.

i just tested it... i knew it's working with my projector, and now i
know that it's working with an ordinary crt, too.

mfg, robert natau

ihr seid alles kranke kinder -- http://www.zooomclan.org

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