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tibookIII + projector

Hi all,

I'm a new subscriber to this excellent list. Thanks in advance to all 
for your vitality and competent feedback, that I can verify via web 
archive along the last year: without it I'd never have been able to work 
properly with Debian on my TiBookIII.

My question:
How to configure XF86Config-4 to use my laptop (video card M7) with a 
projector? I have to give a conference next week. The projector is in 
the conference room. I need to have enabled the _two_ screens there. But 
I haven't chance to test the possible configurations. I've read in 
Cristophe's web page about TiBookIII:

> Depending on the X configuration both screens will work correctly or 
> only one.

Has anybody a 'ready for this use' XF86Config-4?



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