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Re: getting audio cd sound to work

Okay...that solution works! Of course, now my volume is very loud. How do I 
deal with that? :-) Too bad about the arts stuff, though. I'll head on over 
to kde and complain on that bug... 

Thanks for your help!


On Friday 14 March 2003 11:40 am, Frank Murphy wrote:
> I tried to solve this problem this week as well. It seems that it's not
> possible to play audio CDs in KDE (through arts) on NewWorld ppc machines.
> KsCD doesn't actually read the CD data, but controls the track movement and
> relies on the CD/soundcard direct connection (which doesn't exist on
> NewWorld macs). So it's silence. (See KDE bug #44216, and vote on it!)
> It seems that the only GUI music player to support reading the data from
> the CD itself is xmms. (Install the xmms-cdread module and activate it in
> xmms.) However, while there is an xmmsarts package as well, it wasn't
> written with endian issues in mind. So trying to use it ends up with white
> noise.
> Actually, there is a workaround to the xmmsarts problem. Call xmms with the
> artsdsp program, like so:
> $ artsdsp xmms
> Then configure xmms to use the normal OSS output.
> Also, supposedly noatun supports cd playing as well. Type in
> "audiocd:/dev/cdrom" in the file selection dialog. It seems to want to rip
> all the tracks before playing though.
> But, there is no clean way to play audio CDs with arts.
> Frank

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