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Re: getting audio cd sound to work

I tried to solve this problem this week as well. It seems that it's not 
possible to play audio CDs in KDE (through arts) on NewWorld ppc machines.

KsCD doesn't actually read the CD data, but controls the track movement and 
relies on the CD/soundcard direct connection (which doesn't exist on NewWorld 
macs). So it's silence. (See KDE bug #44216, and vote on it!)

It seems that the only GUI music player to support reading the data from the 
CD itself is xmms. (Install the xmms-cdread module and activate it in xmms.) 
However, while there is an xmmsarts package as well, it wasn't written with 
endian issues in mind. So trying to use it ends up with white noise.

Actually, there is a workaround to the xmmsarts problem. Call xmms with the 
artsdsp program, like so:

$ artsdsp xmms

Then configure xmms to use the normal OSS output.

Also, supposedly noatun supports cd playing as well. Type in 
"audiocd:/dev/cdrom" in the file selection dialog. It seems to want to rip 
all the tracks before playing though.

But, there is no clean way to play audio CDs with arts.


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