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Re: Serial support


> I'm trying to get a laserwriter select 300 to print, and it's just not
> happening.  Whenever something tries to access /dev/ttyS1, the machine
> locks up until the printer is turned off.  Likewise, stty 57600 <
> /dev/ttyS1 locks up the machine until the printer is turned off.  The
> machine is a 6500.  It prints fine from Mac OS.  I tried the
> 2.2.20-pmac kernel, and the 2.4.18-newpmac kernel.  Both did the same
> thing.  Any ideas?
I once had a laserwriter select 310 running. For initializing
the serial port, I used the following command

stty 57600 crtscts </dev/ttyS0

maybe the crtscts flag keeps it from crashing.

good luck,
Philipp Kaeser

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