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using the 'alt' key to special characters

Have installed woody on iMac 333 .
Use danish 'dk' keyboard.Special characters for Denmark works.
I use the small keyboard that followed the mashine when I bought it.

Would like to find a solution to also get the special characters:
@ , braces and other that you use the 'alt' key to get.

Have tried many different XF86Config-4 settings (one - 'macintosh-old' - creating a very 'funny' keyboard) but none ('pc101','pc104','pc105','macintosh') gives me these characters.

I have also made an .Xmodmaprc file which contains:

keycode 64 = Multi_key

keycode 115 = Alt_L

clear Mod1

add Mod1 = Alt_L

clear Mod4

Then run xmodmap .Xmodmaprc and it changes the 'alt key from 'alt' to apple key, but id doesn't function with the special characters (brackets, square bracquets, dollarsign etc).

Can anyone get me further from here?
ml gunner

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