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Re: Serial support

I don't know specifically about your model, but some of the laserwriter
models use localtalk only, which doesn't work in Linux. There are also
a couple that are true serial, but use really strange settings that
require various hacks in the serial driver. From what I've found on
the net, this model looks like it uses RS-422 serial (asynchronous)
at 57.6kb, which should be fine with what you've set. There may be
a bug in the macserial driver, but it's hard to say. Check in
/proc/interrupts to see if it's getting buried by the SCC chip

Here's part of the interrupts on my G4. Obviously I don't use the
serial ports, since it's only the modem on this one.

flar@nene:~$ cat /proc/interrupts
  5:          0   OpenPIC   Edge      SCC-txdma
  6:          0   OpenPIC   Edge      SCC-rxdma
  7:          0   OpenPIC   Edge      SCC-txdma
  8:          0   OpenPIC   Edge      SCC-rxdma
 50:          0   OpenPIC   Level     SCC

On Thu, Mar 13, 2003 at 12:15:38AM -0500, Ed McMan wrote:
> I'm trying to get a laserwriter select 300 to print, and it's just not
> happening.  Whenever something tries to access /dev/ttyS1, the machine
> locks up until the printer is turned off.  Likewise, stty 57600 <
> /dev/ttyS1 locks up the machine until the printer is turned off.  The
> machine is a 6500.  It prints fine from Mac OS.  I tried the
> 2.2.20-pmac kernel, and the 2.4.18-newpmac kernel.  Both did the same
> thing.  Any ideas?

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