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Re: My further foray into debian

Shawn Powers wrote:

Is there an advantage to changing/upgrading my system from woody to sarge?
I'm sure that's a question that may have different answers from different
people, but are there some upshots that are obvious to anyone?
Only real advantage is newer software (at the expense of stability -- I tend to think of sid as "alpha software", and think of sarge (testing) as "beta software").

I typically keep my machines either on testing or unstable, but then I'm not running any mission critical systems that need to be working 100% of the time. I've found that even the unstable branch is fairly stable -- but when it does goes bad, boom!

To do that (move to sarge) do I just change my sources.list to say
"testing" where they now say "stable"?  (assuming the mirror has both)

I would leave the security line at "stable"; security issues are backported to the stable branch. Then you'll have to actually update the machine (with dselect, or "apt-get update" && "aptget dist-upgrade", etc).


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