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Re: Considering moving to Debian PowerPC

On Sat, 2002-12-28 at 00:58, Miguel Sousa Filipe wrote:
> Well.. I just saw this in freenode IRC network:
> ~ iBook3 suspend patch: http://people.debian.org/~hafre/radeonfb.c.diff
> I guess suspend is now possible in linux! :-p

What that patch does is basically to _not_ suspend the video chip, which
is not really a good solution. It may or may not work and may or may not
screw up the chip's engine since I suspect the PMU actually remove the
clock from the M7 during sleep (and possibly clock & power from the
video RAM). Also, that means you'll eat a significant amount of power
during sleep.

Note that I don't know what dreamind smoked, but I do not have a working
fix for that ;) I may be able to hack something if I get a chance to
play on an M7 based machine for a few days, but so far that have not
been the case. Note that ATI is still supposed to provide the necessary
information (at least they told us they would do so) soon.


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