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Re: 2 issues Raid, Netatalk

On Sat, 2002-12-14 at 04:45, David Tisdell wrote:
> The server has dual ultra 3 scsi drives mirrored to
> each other with soft raid (Raid 1). It also has 2
> firewire drives which I would like to mirror in raid
> 1. How do I set up Raid in software? It is very easy
> to do in Red Hat. Can I easily do it in PPC Debian?
> Will my firewire drives work and if so can they do
> Raid 1 as well?

raidtools2 (or raidtools) or mdadm can be used for software
RAID in Debian PPC.  If you are familiar with setting up
software RAID in Red Hat, it will be identical in Debian ppc
using raidtools or raidtools2 (except you will have to write
the config file, which will be easy if you nab a similar one
from your Red Hat system to start with).  You'll have to
use mkraid to make the RAID devices (e.g. /dev/md0), and you'll
have to make a file system in the resulting software RAID
devices.  I know one can specify devices for software RAID
arrays in the Red Hat installer, and the installer does the
work.  But there's not much to it (with raidtools[2], make
/etc/raidtab, run mkraid, format the devices, done).

You will need compiled in or modular RAID support in your

I've used firewire hard drives in a Linux PC, and I access
them just as I access any SCSI hard drive (they appear as
SCSI devices, /dev/sda, etc.).  I haven't yet attempted to
use the firewire port in my Mac (it's an iBook2, which I now
like using after blowing away OS X ;).

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