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2 issues Raid, Netatalk

Hi all,
I have a blue and white G3 server running Appleshare
IP and I am thinking of converting it to Linux. I want
to understand a few things before undertaking this.
This is a production environment and I can't afford a
long down time for the conversion. It was serving Mac
OS 9 clients and earlier. Those machine have been
upgraded to Mac OS X. A few strange things have been
going on between Appleshare IP and OS X. Apple says
there are issues between the 2 that can't be fixed. 
I have a fair amount of experience with Red Hat on
intel hardware and some experience with Yellow Dog on
PowerPC. I was never able to get an answer from
Yellowdog on how I could make things work the way I
needed them to, so, its Debian, or not converting this
server to Linux.
The server has dual ultra 3 scsi drives mirrored to
each other with soft raid (Raid 1). It also has 2
firewire drives which I would like to mirror in raid
1. How do I set up Raid in software? It is very easy
to do in Red Hat. Can I easily do it in PPC Debian?
Will my firewire drives work and if so can they do
Raid 1 as well? I posted this question last summer in
the Linux PPC newsgroup and never got an answer. That
was before I knew about this list which is far
superior to what goes on in the usenet forum.
One other question regarding Netatalk. I have had
issues with version 1.5 on Intel hardware and OS X but
have had no issues with 1.4.x+asun (Adrian Sun's
version). Are other folks experiencing the same thing.
Will I have issues with Woody in trying to go back to
1.4? Thanks.

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