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Re: Some fixes for tdfxfb on big-endian systems

Once again, sorry about the self-followup. Looks like actual drawing in
color using the framebuffer is presently working fine, even though the
logo image looks, well, weird. I've used the PlanB in 32bpp depth. It
works fine as long as I make sure to tell fbtv to use the right input,
and set the necessary options for the planb driver and fbtv so they'll
use NTSC mode. PlanB doesn't actually work in 16bpp or 24bpp depths -
the driver for PlanB outright rejects it, and I'm guessing that Apple
didn't build support in for those depths anyway. Only thing that's not
working right that's kind of needed is the hardware cursor. I'll try to
figure that out.

Derrik Pates

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