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Re: The life of the batteries in the IBook running linux

On  13 Dec, this message from Sven Luther echoed through cyberspace:
>> The point is AFAICT that the battery will self-dicharge at a more or
>> less slow rate, and this charge loss will be compensated by regularly
>> recharging the battery a bit.
>> In general, this is considered good practice and doesn't adversly affect
>> battery life.
> Didn't Apple change this policy recently and only began charging the
> battery if it was very low, in order to not diminish the remaining
> charge cycles of the battery ?

I'm not sure I should believe in the lifetime-limited-by-charge-cycle
story... There is obviously a limit of how many times you can recharge a
battery, but I bet other parameters have a lot more influence on the
lifetime of a battery.



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