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Re: Sorted some things out

On Fri, 2002-12-13 at 08:49, Derrik Pates wrote:
> Well, I got quik sorted out. Had to specify the partition number there,
> and now quik is happy. The tdfxfb driver is kind of broken, but I
> managed to fix it for mode setting - I'm still looking at the code,
> trying to figure out why (a) depth 16 and depth 24 are messed up, and
> (b) why acceleration produceds messed text. I have my suspicions. But,
> the tdfxfb driver needs to enable the IO port resource BAR for the 3Dfx
> board, so that port IO works. (Long as it's on bus 0, where the IO
> window offset is 0.)
> My remaining problem is that using the hardware clock results in lockups
> in SMP mode, especially when warm booting. I've just disabled
> 'hwclock.sh' and 'hwclockfirst.sh' for now - I have to setup the clock
> manually, but the system doesn't lock. Anyone have any ideas? Could it
> be a dying clock battery causing the problem? The unit is 6-7 years old,
> so that might be the issue. I'll see if I can get a replacement battery
> for it, I guess.

Known bug on OldWorld SMP with recent kernels, I did't yet have a chance
to work on it, but I will asap.


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