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Re: Sorted some things out

On Fri, Dec 13, 2002 at 02:49:08 -0500, Derrik Pates composed:
> My remaining problem is that using the hardware clock results in lockups
> in SMP mode, especially when warm booting. I've just disabled
> 'hwclock.sh' and 'hwclockfirst.sh' for now - I have to setup the clock
> manually, but the system doesn't lock. Anyone have any ideas? Could it
> be a dying clock battery causing the problem? The unit is 6-7 years old,
> so that might be the issue. I'll see if I can get a replacement battery
> for it, I guess.

that could be it. when i first got this 7500, the battery was dead,
probably the original battery that was in this thing. i was having
strange problems then (with the old battery) but i wasn't running
gnu/linux just yet (although i was thinking of doing so). well, try
that, and if it works out with the new battery, then you probably won't
have freezing. if not, well, you could run ntpdate on a cronjob to
update the clock.


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