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Re: Do you think Debian will run on this PowerPC board?

William Crowshaw wrote:

This may be good news for people like me who'd rather
not support Apple by buying their over-priced,
eye-candy hardware and yet still want to use a
PowerPC.  The company that produces YDL is selling a
PowerPC motherboard and complete systems.  Here's the
link with more information:


The article says that it will be supported by, of
course, YDL, but I'm wondering if it will also run
Debian -- free, as in freedom, damn it.  The
motherboard is based on IBM 2000 POP design.  So I
imagine that it can be supported by Debian.  By hey, I
could be wrong, so that's why I'm asking here.

Well, in case you people don't know, Debian (and Suse) is already running on these boards. The same boards are sold in Europe with an additional OS (AmigaOS) and are then named AmigaOne.

The Linux kernel isn't ready for the mass market yet, though. But it's on the way out now :-)

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