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Boot problem with Dual g4 887 Mhz

Hi all, 

i have a "new" dual 887 mhz G4, and i want to install woody on it.

the problem is that pressing ALT key at the boot, and selecting the
penguin-icon, the system freeze. 

I have downloaded the mini iso from here:

the installation work fine as usual, but rebooting i'm unable to
start in linux.

I press the Penguin-icon, then Enter, the screen come blak for a few second, then come back to the list of icons disks (at 16 colors!) an the system (openfirmaware) freeze.

The disk is connected on second ide channel Ata66 because in the first is ATA100, and the installationd cd cannot see it.

the disk is divided in:

20 GB OSX 10.2.1
800kb boot linux
512MB swap
5GB root linux     (/dev/hda12)
10GB Home linux
rest a second OSX 10.2

I have tryed with "install" and "install24" too, in the yaboot prompt, with the same result.

any idea?

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