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Re: m3mirror for iBook 2 ?

On Sep 26 2002, Vincent Bernat wrote:
> <url:http://macparts.de/ibook/> says that the new iBook can drive two
> displays independently.
> Am I the only one to try to make it work (I didn't find anything on
> Google) under Linux ?

I've also been trying (without success) to make this work. Using the
binaries from http://penguinppc.org/~daenzer/ and an XF86Config like
the one posted a few days ago here (except with the resolution changed
for the iBook).

The only progress is that now if I attach the external monitor to my
iBook the monitor comes out of sleep mode, whereas before putting the
second device section into XF86Config it would stay powered
down. Obviously some sort of VGA signal is being sent out, but the
external screen remains blank.

If anyone does fix this please let me know...


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