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Re: [patch] pwrctl with cpu speed throttling

> Carpe diem to ask Michael a little patch to snooze.
> I started writing smth but I gave up not having longer
> free time.

My precise problem :-)

> ibook's monitor get noisy just before falling into sleep
> and just after wakin up. What about "patching" setting
> backlight to 0 before calling sleep and resetting old
> level at the very end of wakeup?

'Noisy' meaning sound, or image noise?

Storing and resetting the old level is already done by pmud. Currently the
whole video hardware is put to sleep instead of just turning the backlight
off (fblevel off instead of fblevel 0) if supported by the kernel driver.
What would your solution provide that's not already done? Leaving the
video hardware on but switch backlight off??


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