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Repartitioning my Harddisk with mac-fdisk for Jaguar (MacOS 10.2)


I will ask you, if somebody have some experience about the compatibility of 
mac-fdisk and the tool you use in MacOS X to set partitions (I don't know the 
tools name).

I have upgraded my OS X to Jaguar and now I have not enough space for 
additional software in the application folder. But there is a old MacOS 9 
partition I doesn't use anymore. And now I ask myself, if  I can use 
mac-fdisk to rearrange my current MacOS X partition and my old MacOS 9 to a 
single Mac OS X partition, in a way that my current Woody partition isn't 

Another question is: Does Jaguar work on a partition made by  mac-fdisk?

All your hints and thoughts would be appreciated!!

Kind regards


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