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Re: Sleeping weirdness (was Re: ibook 2 : several question)

On mer, 2002-09-04 at 04:12, Vincent Bernat wrote:
> OoO En cette nuit nuageuse du mercredi 04 septembre 2002, vers 01:52,
> "Francis J. Lacoste" <francis.lacoste@contre.com> disait:
> > I've tried your kernel and with it sleeping now works... most of the
> > time. Once, it didn't wake up and another time it woke up and locked up
> > after.
> You may try to rsync to the latest revision of benh tree : an issue
> has been solved recently.

I've rsynced benh tree this morning and rebuilt using gcc-2.95. Sleeping
now works fine! 

Thanks a lot!

I now have a iBook 700Mhz Radeon/M6 12" screen where most of the things
are working!

Things left to fix:

- 3D acceleration (not yet possible from what I understand).
- Modem (have to try the new drivers).
- USB Camera (probably an endienness issue in gphoto2 Canon's driver).

> > I'm including here the packages related to my build environment and also
> > a diff of the dmesg between your kernel and the last one I've compiled
> > using 3.2.
> This bug is solved too. :)

(I don't understand this one)

Thanks again for all the help!

Francis J. Lacoste

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