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Re: iBook2 (700mhz 12" screen) radeon framebuffer flicker -- what am I doing wrong?

>>>>> "michel" == Michel Dänzer <daenzer@debian.org> writes:

    michel> Define 'flicker'. The current dri-trunk packages would apparently cause
    michel> a very low refresh rate. If it's a quick flicker where you see the
    michel> picture multiple times OTOH, it could be a radeonfb glitch I'm seeing
    michel> with an M7. VT switching helps with that one.

    michel> Bottom line: if VT switching doesn't help, you probably don't want to
    michel> use my packages just yet. (at least not the latest version, older ones
    michel> should work)

This was precisely it.  I reverted back to the "standard" XFree86
server from the the newer one, and everything was fine.  Too many
combinations, and I forgot a few to complete the factorial design.

It now works!


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