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iBook2 (700mhz 12" screen) radeon framebuffer flicker -- what am I doing wrong?

Thanks folks!  Turns out that if you really are running the
framebuffer, putting the laptop to sleep is trivial (turns out I
wasn't running the framebuffer, but "native", whatever that truly
means, before).

I've also got X "running", sort of, with Branden's X packages and
Michael D's DRM modules, on BenH's recent kernel.

Here's the last problem --

I'm getting severe flicker (which I didn't see before under X11, but
did on the console before I figured out the framebuffer issue), under

I'm using a configuration similar to Jesus' suggested XF86Config-4
file (almost exactly), and plugged in the output of a local run of
"fbset -x" into the proper place, to no avail.

I'm sure I'm forgetting one STUPID little thing; can anyone loan me a


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