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Re: video problems on waking up iBook2 from sleep or going from X to terminal

>>>>> "scott" == Scott Patterson <patterson@accesstoledo.com> writes:

    scott> I would guess it's some kind of driver issue...which version of X are
    scott> you running (Sid is at 4.1)? There are some X 4.2 debs available that
    scott> might solve the problem. Hopefully others with the 700Mhz model will
    scott> chime in...

For the "change from X" issue, I think you are right; I'm not getting
video reset properly (hence the moderate and annoying flicker).  I'm
running Branden's (I think) XFree86 4.2.0 prerelease (this I know)
dated 11 March 2002.

I'm using the "radeon" driver, and have set the "UseFBDev" option to

For the "recovered from system sleep/APM/PMUD" problem, I'm not so
sure, though it could frame-buffer problems?   (which as far as I can
tell, I'm using the framebuffer version of the console?).

Thanks for the clues.


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