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Re: Can't boot 3.0 (woody) on a PowerMac 6500

Am Dienstag den, 30. Juli 2002, um 20:40, schrieb jhart@bates.edu:

There are somethings really important you have to understand (maybe you already did).
1. Mac OS X.X starts
2. BootX is loaded
3. The Kernel is loaded
(which has to be placed in the 'Linux Kernels' Folder in the Systemfolder)
4. Linux starts

So you have to make a folder in you System folder called 'Linux Kernels' and place the 2 Kernelfiles in there. Then it comes to the ramdisk. Place it in your System-Folder. Now restart and select Options and choose your Ramdisk. And select the Version 2.4 Kernel File. Now hit SavePrefs.

Leave the other things as they are and reboot.

When you are finished with installing Linux decheck the ramdisk radiobox and save.

Please post if it worked for you!

Falk Husemann

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