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Re: Can't boot 3.0 (woody) on a PowerMac 6500

On Tue, Jul 30, 2002 at 02:40:59PM -0400, jhart@bates.edu wrote:
> It installed just fine once I figured out which files to make into 
> floppy images. At the end of the first phase of the install, there are 3 
> options for booting: Quik, make floppies, use existing boot. I had 
> problems with all three.
> 1) When I tried to "Make Drive Bootable", I got an error message that 
> Quik couldn't install because it couldn't get the name of the root drive 
> from OpenFirmware.  I tried this with 2 different partition schemes. One 
> with a Mac OS bootable partition and one without.
> 2) "Make Floppies" just said that this feature isn't available for 
> PowerPC at this time.
> 3) Having installed SUSE on the machine, BootX was still installed. I 
> used it to boot the installed Debian. It worked fine until it got to the 
> first screen that needed input. There it seemed to freeze. Or, at least, 
> it wouldn't take any keyboard input. I tried it twice. BootX and Debian 
> not compatible?
> If anyone can suggest how to get this machine to work, I'd really 
> appreciate it. I've done what I know and what I can figure out from the 
> installation manual and the list archives.

As Falk mentioned, you need to change the kernel selected by BootX
to the kernel that came with the distribution, linux.bin. It should
be placed in the Linux Kernels folder.

Make Floppies has never worked.

The manual does explain how to figure out what quik wants and manually
set it, but if BootX works and you don't mind it that's easier.

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