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Re: video problems on waking up iBook2 from sleep or going from X to terminal

A.J. Rossini wrote:
I'm having video problems with my iBook2 (700Mhz).  Running either
2.4.18-newpmac or the latest BenH kernel, I'm experiencing the
1. moderate screen flicker when reverting to terminal mode from X11,
either by shutting down X or using the Function keys.

2. when awaking from a snooze, from the terminal mode, 1 or 2
character shift to the left, or from X11, extreme screen madness such
as weird horizontal lines. I'm not having problems with X11, I'm getting decent results there.
Any thoughts or settings or suggestions of places to start looking?


The horizontal lines sound like a byproduct of the m3mirror program. Are you running m3mirror?


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