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Re: video problems on waking up iBook2 from sleep or going from X to terminal

A.J. Rossini wrote:
"scott" == Scott Patterson <patterson@accesstoledo.com> writes:

    scott> The horizontal lines sound like a byproduct of the m3mirror
    scott> program. Are you running m3mirror?

Not that I can tell (it doesn't appear to be installed), just the
usual radeon drivers.  Would this be on exiting X that I'd see it?  If
so, I'll do a more through hunt.

Oh, I forgot the 700Mhz iBook uses a different video card than my 600Mhz iBook.

Using m3mirror, you would see the problem easily on the external screen as it will appear out of sync. If you didn't install m3mirror, you're not using it.

I would guess it's some kind of driver issue...which version of X are you running (Sid is at 4.1)? There are some X 4.2 debs available that might solve the problem. Hopefully others with the 700Mhz model will chime in...


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