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Re: openoffice 1.0.1-1 failure on debian ppc sid

Hi OpenOffice.org on PowerPC users ;)

sorry for my silence, but I had much to do .. :)

But ok ..  here we go.

Thanks, many thanks to Jack Howarth, he pointed out, that the
openoffice.org-1.0.1-[1|2]_all.deb is different from i386 to powerpc, he
mailed me a large diff.

The difference will cause the problems with OpenOffice.org-1.0.1-1 on
powerpc. As workaround, I will say, download


its builded on my machine (IBook2) and I have no problems, running
OpenOffice.org with this openoffice.org_1.0.1-1_all.deb.
Put this package on hold please, because we have openoffice.org_1.0.1-2_all.deb
already ... 

I will rebuild OpenOffice.org-1.0.1-3 for PPC, because patch 005 is not
needed for PowerPC, #define MAX_ALIGNMENT_4 in cppu/source/uno/data.cxx
in only for I386 and not good for PowerPC. I will drop this and make a
clean rebuild.

I move the following files into debian/openoffice.org-bin.install from

and start 1.0.1-3.


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