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Re: Newbie install problems - Please help

> From: Melissa Reid <mreid@pobox.com>
> Date: Sat, 27 Jul 2002 06:54:19 -0500
> To: Brad Lipinski <blipinski@cresteng.com>
> Subject: Re: Newbie install problems - Please help
> On 7/25/02 at 3:38 PM, blipinski@cresteng.com (Brad Lipinski) wrote:
>> I have an Power Computing 210 with a G3 450Mhz upgrade chip.
>> 112 MB of Ram.
>> I downloaded the Woody iso disk and I'm trying to install it.
>> I have two questions:
>> With BootX which kernel should I boot from to install.  The
>> 'vmlinux' kernel or the 'vmlinux-2.4' kernel.  What is the
>> difference?
> vmlinux would be the 2.2 kernel, and vmlinux-2.4 would be the
> 2.4 kernel. Bet that helped. :) 2.4 is newer and may support
> newer hardware better.

The strange part is when I use 2.4 kernel the install program doesn't
recognize my hard drive in the size it should be.   I keeps telling that is
is only like 256MB.  But the 2.2 install recognizes the drive to be 7 GB.
?????  So I figure I should use the 2.2 kernel for installation. (or is this
were my problems might be?)

>> In my install I get as far as installing the base system then
>> it stops and gives me the error:
>> /instamnt/pool/main/g/glibc/lib6_2.2.5_6powerpc.deb corrupt
>> Then I try to install via http://http.us.debian.org and I get
>> the error:
>> libc6 corrupt
>> What do I do from here?  I thought my .iso would be bad but I
>> seem to get the same error when I try to do a net install.
> libc6 is an important file; it would need it for both kinds of
> install. If you have a floppy drive, you could make boot
> floppies and do a net install from them; see
> <http://www.debian.org/distrib/floppyinst>
> for that. Note how they keep linking to the installation guide;
> reading it is probably a good thing to do. (Reading the docs is
> NOT cheating. :> )

I have to say that I have gone through the documentation several times.  I
did mention about that I have tried a net install and still get the same
error from BootX.  Which is what I find puzzling.  I did try a floppy boot
disk and then the net install with them, as you suggest above, and I still
get the same error.  It just leads me to believe there is something wrong
with my computer.  

>> Any help is appreciate.
> Hope this qualifies.
> Oh, yeah. Once you get Linux up and running, go to
> <http://www.debian.org/CD/jigdo-cd/>
> to see how to download CD images that *work*. Cool thing.
> Hope they port it to other OSes soon.

I saw this and of the three computers I have running linux now, none of them
have a burner.  So if I ever get this box running I will have to investigate

> Melissa Reid

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