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Newbie install problems - Please help

I have an Power Computing 210 with a G3 450Mhz upgrade chip.  112 MB of Ram.

I downloaded the Woody iso disk and I'm trying to install it.  I have two

With BootX which kernel should I boot from to install.  The 'vmlinux' kernel
or the 'vmlinux-2.4' kernel.  What is the difference?

In my install I get as far as installing the base system then it stops and
gives me the error:

/instamnt/pool/main/g/glibc/lib6_2.2.5_6powerpc.deb corrupt

Then I try to install via http://http.us.debian.org and I get the error:

libc6 corrupt

What do I do from here?  I thought my .iso would be bad but I seem to get
the same error when I try to do a net install.

Any help is appreciate.

thank you,

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