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Re: netatalk does not see a printer

Hello Alessandro,

I'm glad you managed to make it work. I can understand your happiness at
being able to use the Asante bridge, I had the same feeling a few weeks
ago :-)


Laurent Steffan
eBusiness Technical Consultant

Reçu de ghigi@sns.it le 22/07/02 à 16:37

>Dear Laurent.
>	 I have removed the network.opts file in /etc/pcmcia, and I send the
>"ifconfig eth0 up" before starting AppleTalk. It works!!!
>	 I am not on a network, so my network.opts file was a standard one which
>I had not edited. I hope it is fine just removing it. I'll try learning
>something about it, so I can configure it properly.
>	 Anyway now it works, so I am very happy, also because the Asante box
>was quite expensive.
> Thank you very much for your advise

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